Title Companies

The worst issue a newly ensconced homeowner can experience is a claim against their recently purchased property. At Affiliated Mortgage we value the work of title companies and consider their niche function an integral step in the homeownership process.

Being able to call a home one’s own is a highly gratifying milestone. Yet all that satisfaction can so quickly slip away if the title of the home was never validated. Title companies relieve homebuyers of this fear by ascertaining that a property title is legitimate. By vetting the current homeowner, title companies determine whether the alleged owner of the home in fact is who they claim to be. Along with proving ownership, real estate sentries also search for liens, unpaid property taxes, leases, outstanding mortgage payments and other issues pertaining to the home. Once thorough investigations have been carried out, title insurance can be issued which safeguards lenders and owners against property disputes.

It’s evident that title companies make the job of top-rated Rapid City mortgage brokers like ourselves much easier. In order to create a relationship that is symbiotic, Affiliated Mortgage purposes to create a real estate network comprised of crucial cogs within the real estate industry. By streamlining communication and generating more leads for title companies we can create a robust real estate network that benefits all parties involved.

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