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Realtors: We’re Here to Help Your Clients

Real estate transactions are different now from just a few decades ago.  Today, deals are built on trust.

We choose an agent that we trust, not because they represent a certain company.  We work with people that we trust, not because we are forced.  We come back to the people that we trust, not because of a sense of duty.

Here at Affiliated Mortgage, our goal is to get clients into high quality mortgages at the best rates possible.  When we can all work together, the trust builds and everyone prospers.  That’s why we are looking to you, as a real estate professional, to begin to establish that trust.

We Are All on the Same Team
Too often business and sales are seen as us against them.  But the reality is that when it comes to the home buying process, we are all on the same team.  The end goal is to get your client into a home that they love.  The result is that everyone trusts everyone else even more.

You Close More Sales
Studies show that less than 10% of buyers are pre-approved for a loan.  That means that potentially 9 out of 10 of your clients don’t even know if they can afford the home that you’re showing to them!  The result is that the sales process slows down, and you have to show more houses to clients that you thought were ready to sign papers.

When we all work together, your client knows exactly what they can afford.  You show them the houses that are perfect for them and within their budget.  The process moves along much quicker and ultimately you sell more houses.

Your Clients Win
The bottom line of any partnership is to ensure that the client wins.  If any party feels as though they have lost, or been taken advantage of, then that trust that we are working hard to obtain dissolves.

When you work hard to show the right houses, and we work hard to get the best deals on mortgages, the client ultimately wins.  And that is why we are in our businesses: to help people get into homes.

Let’s Get to Work Helping Clients
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