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International Workers Day

Publish Date: 01-May-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

Affiliated Mortgage wishes you a Happy International Workers Day - May Day in honor of those who contributed to our country's success. Have a peaceful and delightful day.

Our Customer Value Us

Publish Date: 26-Apr-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

At Affiliated Mortgage, our goal is to deliver exceptional services to our clients. We constantly work towards enhancing our offerings and are devoted to crafting an unmatched experience for those we serve. Thank you for choosing us.

New Conventional 1 Percent Down Payment

Publish Date: 20-Apr-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

For a limited time one of our national mortgage investor is offering a New Conventional 1Percent Down payment program to any buyer who meets their Home Possible guidelines.

Cash-Out Refinancing. A Smart Choice

Publish Date: 12-Apr-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

Minimise your monthly costs through Affiliated Mortgage's cash out refinancing service.

Wishing You a Blessed and Peaceful Easter

Publish Date: 09-Apr-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

Happy Easter from Affiliated Mortgage! May this Easter holiday bring you peace, joy, and blessings.

Honouring the Sacrifice. Observing the Significance of Good Friday

Publish Date: 06-Apr-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

On Good Friday, Affiliated Mortgage values selflessness and belief, striving to support our community and help clients achieve their aspirations.

Why Rent When You Can Enjoy the Benefits of Homeownership

Publish Date: 05-Apr-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

Recognise the benefits of homeownership, including financial stability, tax advantages, equity growth, personal satisfaction, and customisation freedom. Let Affiliated Mortgage help you achieve your dream home.

Tips for first-time home buyers

Publish Date: 31-Mar-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

Buying a house is a significant financial decision, and it's important to do your research and find a reputable mortgage lender before making a purchase. Contact Affiliated Mortgage, your reliable trusted partner.

We are hiring.

Publish Date: 30-Mar-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

Urgently seeking licensed mortgage originators in South Dakota. Benefit from 20+ years of industry experience, top-notch technology, training, and a unique profit-sharing model. Elevate your career with America's Trusted Mortgage Lender. Apply today!

Make your homeownership dream a reality with Affiliated Mortgage.

Publish Date: 21-Mar-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

Affiliated Mortgage has relationships with many investors who compete for your business. Contact us to discuss which mortgage plan is best suited for you!

Get cash out of your home with cash out refinance facility.

Publish Date: 13-Mar-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

Reduce your monthly expenses with Affiliated Mortgage’s cash out refinance facility.

Affiliated mortgage is proud to celebrate international women’s day.

Publish Date: 08-Mar-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

Affiliated mortgage is proud to celebrate international women's day.

Best Mortgage Rates. Unlock the Door of Your Dream Home with Affiliated Mortgage

Publish Date: 07-Mar-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

Affiliated Mortgage is a reliable mortgage advisory firm that can help you and your loved ones in locating the most suitable loan options for your circumstances. Contact us now to obtain a customised consultation for your home loan.

Our customer value us.

Publish Date: 06-Mar-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

At Affiliated Mortgage, we strive to provide top-notch services to our customers. We are committed to continuously improving our services, and we are dedicated to creating an unparalleled experience for our customers. Affiliated Mortgage provides multiple varieties of home loans, such as jumbo, adjustable-rate, re-finance, conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA mortgages.

Pre-approval can help you buy your first home!

Publish Date: 03-Mar-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

People who are looking to buy a house usually want to know what kind of property they can manage financially. This is where a pre-approval can be especially helpful. Pre-approval is a brief overview of the amount a person can borrow based on details given by them to the lender during the initial meeting. This lender will check their credentials such as income, down payment etc., which can be adjusted slightly during the full underwriting process. With Affiliated Mortgage, it is possible to get pre-approved online quickly and the letter of pre-approval will be available immediately.

Top 3 reasons to consider before refinancing your home

Publish Date: 28-Feb-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

1. Your credit score has improved 2. You want to take cash out 3. You want to consolidate debt. Interest rates can vary considerably, so it is important to work with an experienced mortgage broker to secure the optimal loan program. Reach out to Affiliated Mortgage now to discuss your home financing requirements.

Affiliated Mortgage Flexible Mortgage Options

Publish Date: 24-Feb-2023

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

We know that interest rates can change quickly. So work with one of our professional mortgage brokers to ensure you get locked in to the best mortgage loan program. Contact Affiliated Mortgage today for all of your home financing needs.

Happy New Year

Publish Date: 31-Dec-2022

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

Affiliated Mortgage wishes you happy holidays and a blessed new year.

How the New 2-1 Rate Buy-Down Program Works

Publish Date: 08-Dec-2022

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

A 2-1 mortgage buy-down makes homeownership more affordable by reducing the upfront cost.

Questions to ask your mortgage lender

Publish Date: 15-Nov-2022

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

1. What type of loan is right for me? 2. How much is my monthly payment? 3. How much mortgage can I afford? 4. What’s my down payment? 5 What are points and credits? 6. What is a loan estimate? 7. How can I make sure I close on time?

Happy Veterans Day

Publish Date: 11-Nov-2022

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

We at Affiliated Mortgage are extremely grateful to all of those Veterans who have served and protected our country. Thankyou

Your Dream House

Publish Date: 20-Oct-2022

Presenter: Troy Trombetta


Mortgage rates might go up sooner than expected

Publish Date: 15-Jul-2022

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

Mortgage rates might go up sooner than expected. So, if you have been thinking about buying a home for quite a while, now may be a good time to actually do it. However, if you're not sure if now is the right time for you, don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

Is It a good time to refinance

Publish Date: 30-Jun-2022


Happy Thanksgiving

Publish Date: 01-Jan-1970

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

May you and your family be blessed this Thanksgiving. We are grateful for the communities we live in and for all of the wonderful people we get to serve.

Dont wait, buy a house now.

Publish Date: 01-Jan-1970

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

There's no better time to buy a house, according to one of America's top financial advisors. See why we believe Dave Ramsey is right.

Black Hills Home Show 2023

Publish Date: 01-Jan-1970

Presenter: Troy Trombetta

Wow, the Black Hills Home Show is only a few days away. Affiliated Mortgage will once again be attending the Home Show and this year we are giving away a Free Ring - Video Doorbell. Registration is Free and all you have to do to enter this giveaway is stop by our booth at the home show. See you there!


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