A family looking to purchase a home will rely on the expertise of an inspector to alert them of any underlying structural issues a home might have. An inspector is a homeowner’s first line of defense against a more insidious problem that might manifest itself in the form of a disaster later.

Inspectors are the unsung heroes of real estate. Through their diligence investigations they have the ability to save homeowners thousands. Perhaps even more so than a realtor, an inspector can find structural damages that will lower the price of the home in question. Should a home offer also contain a home inspection contingency, the buyer can renegotiate the previously agreed-upon price tag.

Before making an offer, any real estate savvy homebuyer should have their potential dream hope inspected to ensure that it doesn’t come with any unforeseen nightmares. But just because a soon-to-be homeowner should consult with an inspector doesn’t mean they do so.

We believe in the value that inspectors offer clients. In order to assist clients in their attempt to make sound purchasing decisions we have chosen to partner with select inspectors. By partnering with the top-rated Rapid City mortgage brokers you’ll be granted certain privileges that will guarantee leads. Inspector partners gain access to exclusive real estate events that will see prospective homeowners from all over South Dakota gather under the same roof to learn about a variety of real estate topics. Another perk exclusive to partners is the opportunity to be featured on our social media network. Having your story showcased on our network means that you’ll be exposed to over 80,000 potential clients in South Dakota cities and towns such as: Black Hills, Rapid City, Hill City, Keystone, Box Elder, Summerset, Piedmont, Sturgis, Deadwood, Lead, Belle Fourche, PierreSpearfish, and Hot Springs communities.

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