“I have partnered with Affiliated Mortgage and their experts for over ten years. I highly recommend any organization and individual that is involved in the real estate industry to partner with these folks. All of my customers are serviced professionally and always treated with respect. I trust Affiliated Mortgage to get it right the first time...and so should you!

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We Love Our South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Colorado Mortgage Partners

Are you directly or indirectly involved in the real estate industry?  Whether you’re a real estate agent or broker, an insurance agent, a title company, or in any other way involved in making real estate transactions happen, we want to let you know that we are here to help you with your business!

Why would you want to become a partner with us?  We have identified 5 ways that your business can prosper by making the right connections.

1 – You Sell More Houses: Why did you get into real estate in the first place?  Mostly likely there are a multitude of reasons ranging from the fact that you love architecture, to you love helping people, to the basic need of a stable career.

Now what if you had a professional partnership that would help you grow, quicken the loan process, and ultimately let you help more clients?

2 – Pre-qualification Streamlines the Process: Before even starting the house-hunting process, buyers should be pre-qualified.  But the vast majority of them don’t go through the process.  This ends up slowing down the buying process as the client finds a house they love, and only then do they see if they can afford it!

When you partner, we can pre-qualify your clients so that they know what they can afford, and then they find the houses that meet that criteria.

3 – Support with Marketing Efforts: Many real estate professionals love working hard.  Sometimes that means they’re showing houses by day, and building marketing campaigns by night.  It can quickly become very exhausting.  Partnerships can help extend your reach letting you get some much needed rest after hours.

The digital world is where many buyers are; a strategic partnership can help share your marketing efforts gaining more reach and getting you in front of more people.

4 – Build Trust among Professionals: The power of the network is huge!  Those that are expert networkers can seamlessly match people with professionals that they trust.  That trust is the foundation for any relationship that you want to build; and that trust is what you need to establish.

When we all join forces our trustworthiness among prospects, professionals, and each other, skyrockets.

5 – More than just Loans: Here at Affiliated Mortgage, we have been providing home loans to the community of Rapid City for nearly 30 years.  Every lender out there will say that they have the best rates around, close loans as fast as possible, and their customer service is through the roof.  We do all of that, and more.

We offer support to other professionals, help them to grow, and ultimately our clients are the ones that benefit from all of us working together.

Partnerships between Realtors, Insurance Agents, Title Companies, and Mortgage Lenders: Strategic partnerships are what make all of our lives easier.  Are you ready to ease the burden, and make yourself into a more successful real estate professional?

We Value Our Relationships

For Years We Have Been America's Trusted Mortgage Lender

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