Tips on how to prepare for the moving day


Moving day is just about the most hectic day you can have. Between packing and planning, taking care of things around the house. The professional movers trying to get everything moved in before they have to head out, it can be a nightmare if you aren’t prepared. 

But if you know what to expect, and get a bit of organizing in the final days before the moving day. Then the move will go easier. Here are some tips on how you can prepare for your moving day so that it goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

  • Keep a list of things that needs to be done on the moving day

The Moving Day List helps you remember those overflowing trash bags. The scum in the shower, and all of those other small but important moving tasks that inevitably get shoved aside. Things like putting away kitchen supplies, pulling furniture out from tight spaces. And leaving a welcome note for the new folks. And especially things like taking trash bags and newspapers to the street.

Keeping a running list of remaining tasks to complete on moving day can help you finish packing in a calm, organized manner. It will leave you feeling more prepared as you hit the road. It helps to have an idea of exactly what needs to get done before the movers arrive at your door. And how long those tasks will take you.

  • Wake up early on the moving day and be ready for the movers

Make sure that you’re not still in bed when your moving crew comes knocking. Instead, be up and out of the bed, enjoy a relaxing breakfast before you start your day. The last thing that you want to be that day is a sleepyhead. 

Saying goodbye to your old home can be hard for some people. Especially if it has been their primary residence for a long time. But your moving crew will appreciate being able to get in and start working as early as possible. Moreover, being onsite early means the crew has more time to pack and load everything up before they head off to the destination.

The best way to wake up early on the moving day is to set your alarm the night before. Go to bed at a reasonable hour. You will be fresh and ready to meet the movers before they arrive at your doorstep. Once they are onsite, let them know where all of your furniture is, and box up or start packing any items that won’t fit in the truck. The movers will do the heavy lifting from there.

  • Make sure your electronic devices are charged on moving day

Whether you are driving cross-country or relocating to a new apartment in the same city, all your valuable electronic devices need to be charged and ready to go. This is especially true when you need to coordinate with family members on the placement of furniture and other items at your destination. 

A cell phone can be life-saving during a move. Even though you may not be able to use it on moving day. It’s always nice to know that if there is an emergency you are ready to contact family or your mover.

  • Don’t forget to pack your first night bag on moving day

When hoping for a smooth transition from one residence to another, putting together a first night bag is important. It can help make a stressful move more manageable.

Make sure to pack up a few essentials for your first night such as pajamas, toiletries bag, charger for any electronics, a change of clothes, paper plates, and plastic utensils. This will save you time so that you can focus on getting everything ready for moving day.

A suitcase will keep your luggage neat and organized. While an overnighter bag allows you to spend your first night comfortably in your new home without having to go through boxes looking for items. 

  • Pack a cooler for food and drinks

Packing a cooler for your moving day is an easy way to ensure that you’re eating and drinking enough. Proper hydration is essential during a move.  Since it’s often combined with the heavy liftin which in turn requires a great deal of energy. Hence, snacks are also important for the same reason: proper nutrition.

We recommend filling the cooler with high-protein, low-mess foods like bags of nuts, shakes, pre-made sandwiches, and tuna packets. This way, there’s no excuse to skip a meal—and your back won’t pull you down!

It’s also a great idea to pack some extra water and snacks for your movers when they start to become tired and hungry. Moving can be tiring work—but having some extra food around will help fuel your crew, and a stocked cooler will give everyone something to drink and eat as they work

  • Keep important valuables/documents with you

For every move, it is important to keep the documents and valuables that are most important to you separate from all the other things you are hauling. Even after un-boxing, these papers can get lost in the pile of boxes. By keeping them with you during your journey and initial unpacking you will never lose track of them.

However, smaller documents and valuables can be easily misplaced or lost during unpacking. By taking these items with you, you know where they are and don’t have to worry about misplacing them.

  • Have some cash to tip your movers

If you plan to use a moving company to relocate, be sure that you have a little bit of cash on hand to tip your movers. 

While most movers will happily help you with your heavy boxes and furniture. It’s a good idea to have extra cash on hand for them if they really go above and beyond. 

Additionally, it’s nice to know that the tip is optional. But many workers view tips as a kind of payment for services above and beyond the typical job requirements. When determining how much to tip your movers. Then, remember that they are professionals on the clock and not friends who just happened to offer to help out.

We recommend you keep $50 in small bills on hand for tipping your movers when they are finished with heavy lifting. 

  • Set aside some basic cleaning supplies

As you prepare for your move, make sure to set aside cleaning supplies to handle the dirt and dust left after the moving truck has come and gone. Because, you want to be able to get your home cleaned up quickly, without making a special trip to the store.

Make sure to set aside some of the cleaning supplies that you need during your move. So that when you need a broom, or a duster, or a trash bag you can find them immediately. It’s in moments like these that you’ll be glad that these items were put into a central location.

  • Do one last walk-through of your home

Sometimes people don’t find out that they’ve left something behind until after the moving truck has come and gone. So, do a quick walk-through of your home to make sure you have everything.

Moreover, the last walk-through before moving is something of a scramble. Thus, you need to be sure you haven’t forgotten anything behind. So, check all of your cabinets and closets one last time to make sure that you have packed everything that you intend to take with you. 


The best way to prepare for moving day is to start preparing in advance. Thus, there are things that you can do to get ready a few weeks before you move out. So don’t wait until all the last-minute rush. Start sorting through your things, and donating or getting rid of unwanted items.

Finally, Prepping ahead of time for your move is something that everyone should do. The last thing anyone wants when they’re in the middle of a move is to be stressed and worried about what happens if they don’t have what they need. Then, making sure that you have everything together before your move is the best way to prevent disaster from happening.


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