Rapid City is located in Pennington County of South Dakota and has a population of 72,841. The city offers its citizens a complete suburban feel and most of the residents in town own their houses.

Rapid City is surrounded by natural beauty and is a hot spot for tourists from past few years. Apart from this, the city offers some great employment opportunities.

The average cost of living in Rapid City, SD is 7% lower than the national average of the United States.

What is Cost of Living Index?

The cost of living in any area can be calculated based on the factors like average salary, employment opportunities and the real estate market of that area. In the simplest terms, the Cost of Living Index is the estimated cost of the basic necessities required for an individual to live in a particular area.

This cost of living typically includes the estimated costs for housing, food, transportation, taxes, medical care, bills and other basic necessities. The purpose of calculating this cost index is to compare the cost difference for a person living in a certain location compared to another location.

This comparison help people to make informed decisions about what locations they can afford based on the living costs there.

Cost of Living in Rapid City  




Rapid City South Dakota National

Cost of Living Index








Groceries Index















Goods & Services Index 92 95 100
Health Care Index 99 104 100
Housing Index 87 77 100
Utilities Index 97 93 100

An overview of general cost of living index in Rapid City is displayed above. As you can see, citizens of Rapid City enjoy a living cost which is about 5% lower than the US average living cost. The above mentioned categories are used in calculating the total living index in the order

Goods & Services: 33%

Housing: 30%

Groceries: 13%

Utilities: 10%

Transportation: 9%

Healthcare: 5%

Clearly, Housing and Goods & Services take the most place in calculating the living index of a location. And both of these indexes are comparatively much lower than the national index. An easier way to analyze these indexes is

Source: payscale.com

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