Rapid City is a gateway to the black hills of southwest South Dakota. The city offers amazing outdoor amenities, affordable housing options, cheaper living costs, and vibrant arts scenes to its citizens. One of the Rapid City’s distinguishing economic forces include an Ellsworth Air Force base and U.S. army National Guard post that are located near the city.

Living in Rapid City, SD

It is the second largest community in South Dakota, with a population of 74,421. According to a research, Rapid City is named among the best places to live in the United States because of the beauty and calmness of its surroundings. It is situated on the edge of the Black Hills and is surrounded by natural beauty.

With its excellent employment and educational opportunities and plenty of recreational places, Rapid City is an excellent place to raise a family. The city is full of beautiful natural retreats such as Canyon Park.

Unlike some other cities, Rapid City is not mainly white-collar or blue-collar. Rather, it has a mix of people occupying both white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs. The per capita income in Rapid City in 2018 was $28,450 and is currently increasing.

Rapid City is a city of office workers, service providers and professionals. Currently, the tourism industry is also rising because of its great landscape and surrounding national parks and is offering good employment opportunities to its residents.

Best Neighborhoods in Rapid City SD

There are some great places to live in Rapid City, some of which include

  •       Colonial Pine Hills
  •       Ashland Heights
  •       Canyon Lake Drive / 38th Street
  •       Skyline Drive / Route 16
  •       Sheridan Lake Road
  •       Flormann Street
  •       Schaeferville
  •       Lamb Road/ Old Folsom Road
  •       Gossage Memorial
  •       W Main Street

Downtown Rapid City

Is Rapid City a Good Place to Live?

Rapid City offers good housing opportunities for both wealthy and middle class people. There are a number of reasons to choose Rapid City as your next home destination. For example

Cost of Living Rapid City SD

Rapid City has 1.9% lower cost of living as compared to the US average cost of living. The city, thus, provide a good quality of living at an affordable price.


There are numerous employment opportunities in Rapid City. The current job rate is positive and has increased 2.5% over the past couple of years. The unemployment rate in this city is 3.1% which is lower than the average unemployment rate in the United States.

Real Estate in Rapid City SD

Rapid City offers some great housing opportunities. The real estate prices are comparatively lower than the other states. Home Appreciation is up by 6.6% over the last few months, so it is considered to be a good time to buy Real Estate in Rapid City.


Rapid City has some great schools and colleges which provide quality education. Around 31.15% of the adults here hold a college degree, which is a much better ratio than the typical community in the nation.

Population Rapid City SD

Rapid City is known to be an ethnically diverse city. People who live here belongs to a variety of ethnic and racial groups. The greatest number of Rapid City’s residents are reported to be white. However, there is a large group of people from other ancestries as well like Swedish, English, Norwegian, Irish and Germans.


The citizens of Rapid City spend much less time in transportation compared to the other cities. On average, the commute to work is 17.25 minutes. This means that the city is more calm, noise-free and pollution-free.

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